Hurricane Ian Recovery Efforts

Hurricane Ian has had an immense and devastating impact on the Southwest Florida region, particularly in the hardest hit area of our very own community in and around Fort Myers. Many friends, family, colleagues, our children’s teachers, and the community at large have lost literally everything in the storm's aftermath. Sadly, this recovery will be a long term effort. 

Although we have only been full time residents of Fort Myers since early 2021, this community means so much to us and the devastation is deeply personal. We have been making memories here for the past decade; we met and had our first date here, we were engaged here, our family met our son for the first time here, and so many other great memories, particularly capturing the stunning beauty of the area!  


100% of your donations and 80% of net proceeds from sales will go directly to those in need. We are local residents ingrained in the community and look forward to sharing how your donations are helping local residents and businesses rebuild. Please follow our socials or sign up for our occasional newsletter to keep informed where your donations will be dispersed. 

If you would like to donate a gift card to a local SWFL resident, please let us know! We can only hope that our captures provide a timeless memory and a lift in spirit to those who have been affected by the hurricane.

If you are a brand or business who wants to help, please reach out for a collaborative chat. So many people have only the clothes they left their home with. 

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